Tele Novella w/ Paper Holland, Selfish Skin

Thursday, September 29th, 2016
9 pm, 21+, $8

Tele Novella rose from the ashes of indie darlings Voxtrot and Agent Ribbons. Blending Texas charm and West Coast vogue, Tele Novella’s music conjures images of John Wayne in thick-frame glasses. They're fresh off of datese with Deerhoof. Debut album House of Souls is out September 30th on Yellow Year Records.

Bay View guitar pop band Paper Holland first rose to prominence with their 2013 debut LP Happy Belated, the aptly-named product of five years of recording, scrapping, and reworking material. The general consensus is that the end result was definitely worth the wait, as Paper Holland has quickly become a local favorite of audiences and press alike, recently finding themselves among representatives of our fair city at SXSW's Milwaukeehome stage. This spring, they released follow-up EP Fast Food, again the result of rigorous self-criticism and selectiveness. They've drawn favorable comparisons to bands like Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse, Nada Surf, and Minus the Bear.

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Tele Novella Links
Inclusion on NPR's All Songs Considered

Friday Night Retro Dance Party

Friday, September 30th, 2016
Retro Dance Party
$5, 21+, 9 pm

Spinning your favorite 80's and 90's dance music!

TOBACCO with High Tides,Odonis Odonis

Saturday, October 1st, 2016
TOBACCO at Mad Planet
with High TidesOdonis Odonis
9 pm doors, 21+, $12 adv / $15 door

It's been almost two decades since baby TOBACCO first plugged in a tape deck, popped the top, and found the dark magic that's fueled so many sonic forays into his genreless bog of beat-blasted hypnagogia and otherworldly-yet-earthen pop. The Pennsylvanian experimentalist has since helmed countless Black Moth Super Rainbow releases, remixed outsiders as offbeat as HEALTH and unexpected as White Zombie, and produced MCs ranging from Aesop Rock to Beck. But it's on his fourth solo album that TOBACCO winds up coining an apt name for his vast empire of moldering electro-fied dirt: Sweatbox Dynasty. The new LP—his second for Ghostly International—finds the rural recluse resurrecting an old approach to hack a new path through the muck. This may be his most unintentionally psychedelic and left-field creation yet, full of rhythms that start and stop like a tractor on its last piston, resonating melodies made to fuel transcendental meltdowns, and vocals that hiss, gurgle, and growl.

"It's my baby," says TOBACCO—a disturbing mental image if you overlook the beauty in his decrepit works. A song like "Human Om," for example, swirls revving analog synths, drum machine clatter, blown-out gong hits, sitar hum, and all manner of unidentifiable noise to create an unexpected sense of calm. It's an almost trance-inducing space where our host gets touchy-feely in his own way, voice seething, "You can be my light come up in the morning/And I can be your spiral spinnin' down." The cheery na-na-na's and punchy rhythms of "Gods in Heat" similarly contrast against dirging chords and heavy distortion, while "Warlock Mary" swaths a springy funk riff in thick layers of warped tones. "I do know how to ruin a good song," TOBACCO says with perverse pride. "I just gotta keep pushing to find new places to go." Interstitial pieces like "Wipeth Out" or "The Madonna" are exactly that—strange, minimal fuzz bombs that jerk and groove to alien cadences.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that fermentation was part of the process. After finishing 2014's Ultima II Massage, TOBACCO began feverishly working on his next album, and then he stopped. "I felt I'd done everything I set out to do," he explains. "I thought maybe I'd go away for a long time, and I went a year without even plugging anything in." But when he was finally at peace with the idea of exile, the music came rushing back and wouldn't let up. In a flurry of days and nights he made Sweatbox Dynasty, and while each of his previous LPs felt like a honing of what came before, this one plays like a lush island of oddities unto itself. Except in one regard—in starting over, TOBACCO found himself using a technique from in his nascent days of recording. He laid down every single effect and track on cassette, individually, before transferring it to a sampler and damaging the part as needed en route. The result is wild, and heard all over these songs.  

On an album with no guests, the tape deck is TOBACCO's one true collaborator — the Second Zombie Beatle there to eff up all his prettier inclinations. Like how the sticky coast and thump of "Dimensional Hum" keeps getting derailed by what sounds like a fritzy radio dial, and the stonery dub of "Fantasy Trash Wave" bends and snaps over its slippery breakbeats. "An album of linear songs is just boring at this point," says TOBACCO, and he makes extra good on his promise to innovate ever more crudely with Sweatbox Dynasty's closer. At over six minutes, "Let's Get Worn Away" first plays like eleven more songs spliced together at unpredictable intervals—jock jams collide against rap bumps, synthesizer ether, and shadowy electro-pop. But on repeated listens, madness clearly becomes method, as our anti-hero lulls us into a state of intense, earned peace. This time when he stops, he's got closure, and we're the ones left with an undeniable urge to dig our hands back into that aural gunk once again.


Friday Night Retro Dance Party

Friday, October 7th, 2016
Retro Dance Party
$5, 21+, 9 pm

Spinning your favorite 80's and 90's dance music!

The Get Down 13th annIversary!!!!!

10 PM, 21+, $5 COVER


Friday Night Retro Dance Party

Friday, October 14th, 2016
Retro Dance Party
$5, 21+, 9 pm

Spinning your favorite 80's and 90's dance music!

Busdriver with Metasota

Thursday, October 20th, 2016
with Metasota
9 pm, 21+, $8 adv / $10 door

Busdriver is fixed as one of LA music’s most dynamic indie artist. From his years as a cyher phenom at Project Blowed to his years as a recording artist on Epitaph to his current role as co-head of Hellfyre Club, Busdriver has always challenged rap in the most particular and thoughful of ways.

BD’s first record, Memoirs of the Elephantman, was self released thru Afterlife records (a Project Blowed subcrew at the time)in 1999. Not until his second self-released record, Temporary Forever, came out in 2002 did Busdriver step on the world stage. Sleeper hit "Imaginary Places" turned him into one of many beacons of left-leaning hip-hop at the moment. During this time he was also emceeing at the Hiphop/Drum’n’bass night weekly Concrete Jungle with Daddy Kev, Myka 9, edit and DJ Hive.

After the new success of Temporary Forever, Busdriver signed with Mush records to do a collaborative album with beat/production guru Daedelus and quirky rap talent Radioinactive in 2003. The project was called ‘The Weather’. Their album toyed with daring disjointed production and dexterous rap writing in a way that Busdriver hadn’t in the past. The project amassed a small cult following all its own and aligned Driver’s taste with the output of LA’s electronic music scene.

In 2004, Busdriver began his relationship with Big Dada by releasing with them the Daddy Kev-produced mini-LP, Cosmic Cleavage. This was followed by Busdriver’s official 3rd album, Fear of a Black Tangent, released via Big Dada in the EU and on Mush in the US.

Busdriver’s label dealings grew outside of the rap arena in 2007 when he signed to indie-punk mega-label Epitaph and eventually, it’s more indie-music driven sister label, Anti-. Through them he released RoadKillOvercoat in 2007 and Jhellibeam in 2009. Both albums featured production from DJ Nobody, Nosaj Thing, Free the Robots and Boom Bip. During these years, rap producer culture was in flux in LA and the newly founded Low End Theory began gaining momentum. Producer eDIT (who becomes the head of Glitch Mob) featured Busdriver on "Crunk De Gaulle" (also featuring TTC) off his Alpha Pup debut, Certified Air Raid Material.

Computer Cooties came out in 2010 after BD parted with Anti-. It was a free mixtape featuring collaborations with Flying Lotus, Anti-Pop Consortium, Sister Crayon, Daedelus and Open Mike Eagle. He followed this by joining Hellfyre Club and forming Flash Bang Grenada, a two-man group made of Nocando (founder of Hellfyre Club and original resident of Low End Theory) and himself, created solely to let their musings on popular rap themes run amok. They released their debut 10 Haters in 2011.

In 2012, BD released Beaus$Eros through Fake Four. The album was produced entirely by Loden and had features from Cocorosie and Mike Ladd. It was a departure from rap writing into microclimates of experimental pop but then completely not also. The record was coupled with Regan Farquhar aka Busdriver (Driver) fronting an progressive power pop outfit briefly called Physiccal Forms.

That same year Driver released Arguments with Dreams, an EP marking a return to Big Dada. It was mostly self-produced with stand-out appearances from Das Racist on “Firehydrant” and HFC members Nocando and Mike Eagle on “Wernor Herzog”.

In 2013, Driver helmed and oversaw the production of Dorner Vs. Tookie, the joint mixtape featuring efforts from all the members of Hellfyre Club (Nocando, Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle, milo, Rheteric Ramirez, Kail, VerBS, Taurus Scott, The Kleerz). While doing this Busdriver completed his 8th proper studio album, Perfect Hair. The album features production from Mono/Poly, Jeremiah Jae, Great Dane, Kenny Segal and Riley Lake with guest performances from Danny Brown, Aesop Rock and Mike Eagle. 

More recently Driver has done collaborations with Modeselektor, Son Lux, Latyrx, Kool AD, Lapalux, Sonnymoon, P.O.S, and others on various albums.

Busdriver Links
Pop Matters 'Perfect Hair' Review


Friday Night Retro Dance Party

Friday, October 21st, 2016
Retro Dance Party
$5, 21+, 9 pm

Spinning your favorite 80's and 90's dance music!

Prince vs Michael Jackson Dance Party

It's time again to dance and shout and shake your body down to the ground: It's PRINCE v.s MICHAEL JACKSON!!!!!

As always, DJ's Frank Straka and Kid Millions will be playing classic Prince and Michael Jackson tunes for you to get off to all night long!

Saturday, October 22nd at Mad Planet. Doors open at 9 pm $5 cover and the dancing won't stop till' you get enough!


Oct 29th, 9:00

$10 Cover

De La Buena

RAS Movement

MC Spade One



Employing jazz harmonic sensibility and a deep-seated love of diverse cultures, De La Buena explores the textures and rhythms of Latin musics of the Americas with roots planted firmly in African Diasporic traditions. De La Buena logo Growing from a trio into a powerful 10-piece over the last six years, De La Buena has been electrifying audiences with their own brand of Afro-Cuban and Latin Jazz. De La Buena, ever conscious of the influence and necessary respect for tradition… yet, a band willing to inject sophisticated, psychedelic sensibilities into an aggressive, expansive framework…

R.A.S. Movement:

R.A.S. Movement (Royal Ancient Society) is one of the fastest rising reggae bands, with an amazing new sound that is creating a buzz around the city. Performing many different Caribbean genres of music. A high energy band that pumps out music vibes that cover Reggae, Roots, Lover's Rock, Dance Hall, Soul, R&B, Hip Hop and Original Tunes