Saturday, November 7th, 2015
milo w/, sayth, kenny segal + fivy
9 pm, 21+, $8

milo has owned the last year.

Sure -- Rory Ferriera, aka milo, had already been featured on critically-acclaimed Hellfyre Club collaboration ‘Dorner vs. Tookie’  with Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle, Nocando, and more by the time he put out his first nationally-released solo album, ‘a toothpaste suburb, ‘ in September of last year on the collective’s label. However, the latter album showed critics and a wide array of fans what many in Milwaukee and other diehard fans already knew from milo’s multiple previous mixtapes and self-released albums – when this wordsmith is at the helm, the listener is in for a transformative, mind-altering experience that is as entertaining as it is thought-provoking.  The tough critics Pitchfork doled out a high 7.8 rating to the album, noting milo is “a heavy-lidded deadpan whose flow calmly lets the punchlines deliver themselves, whether they're references to Arthur Schopenhauer (this album has a few) or shameless fart jokes (ditto).”

After gaining momentum with a strong debut effort, many would be tempted to let that work run its course and milk it for all its worth.  Instead, Ferriera released two  experimental albums with two other projects over the next half-year – the Redwall collaboration ‘(Boyle) and Piles EP’ with fellow Milwaukeean rapper/producer, and his second release as experimental alter-ego Scallops Hotel. The latter, ‘Plain Speaking,’ featured Future Islands’ Sam T. Herring in his first studio appearance as Hemlock Ernst on track “Lavender Chunk.” The charismatic synthpop frontman introduced the track on Twitter, with extremely complimentary words about milo, saying, “love this dude. first of many collabos i'm certain. wrote this verse under a bridge in singapore. for real tho.”

Now, milo returns with a new album on September 25th, giving us every reason to believe the next twelve months will be no less impressive. As with ‘a toothpaste suburb,’ new album ‘so the flies don’t come’ will be released on limited-edition cassette tape; unfortunately for you, if you haven’t already purchased one you’re out of luck, as the300 tapes quickly sold out after the September 8th announcement of the album and stream of “Zen Scientist” (featuring alt-rap legend Myka 9) by Impose Magazine.

Don’t miss milo on Saturday, November 7th as he shares the stage wth frequent collaborator, Eau Claire rapper sayth, and Milwaukee soul artist Fivy. Check out links below for more information!

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