Thursday, April 16th, 2015
Airo Kwil Album Release with D'AmatoMIGO, & Bo Triplex and His Beautiful Band
9 pm, 21+, $8 with CD ($5 w/o)

Milwaukee wordsmith Airo Kwil returns with a new album, 'Dark Cinema (A Study In Paradox),' releasing it with an excellent supporting cast.

Rapper, producer, songwriter, and instrumentalist Airo Kwil (formerly Airhythmatic) born Will Rose, has forged an experimental hip-hop sound with influences ranging from broad scope rap artists to indie rock to dischord to avocados. He produces and records songs digitally, implementing live instruments with the help of skilled cohort musicians. 
His live show often includes a collective band of upright bassist Johanna Rose, electric guitarist Palmer Shah, and others.

His first release as Airo Kwil maintains the artist’s taste for satire and severity, drawing on topics ranging from socioeconomics to twerking zombies. 'Dark Cinema (A Study In Paradox)' also deals with Airo’s inner world, and the joys and tragedies that pattern human life. This is a record diced with both melodic swells and relentless rapping over banging beats.

D'Amato is a renaissance man; whether its at rapping, singing soulfully, or shredding at guitar, the man is one of the best entertainers in Milwaukee. 

Since they formed in the summer of 2013, MIGO has been spreading a noisy gospel from basements to bars all over the greater Milwaukee area. Members Sam Kirchoff, Jake Marin, and Brian Kennedy incorporate accelerated atypical rhythms with jazz infused punk melodies to pave a meandering patchwork for the spoken word ramblings of frontman Jay Joslyn.

Bo Triplex and His Beautiful Band lay down the funk.Triplex brings his experiences with beloved Milwaukee soul-rock outfit Kane Place Record Club to this relatively new project.

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