Faux Fiction with Andi Action & The Draft Kings + Condundrum

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 Faux Fiction, Andi Action & The Draft Kings, Conundrum 9 pm, 21+, $5

Join us for a local music throwdown featuring an eclectic mix of talented Milwaukee bands!

Faux Fiction sprang onto the scene last year with the release of their self-titled EP. The band boasts a mid-2000s alt-rock sound spearheaded by singer Gabriella Kartz. The group formed as a project between Gabriella and husband Jason Kartz. With the addition of a rhythm section, the two's vision blossom to a full force.

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Andi Action is the alter-ego of Sat Nite Duets' singer/pianist/drummer/tambourine shaker Andy Jambura. With songs referencing Roy Orbison and "Goth Pageants," Andi keeps it light and fun. This show only he'll be performing alongside his "Draft Kings."

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Conundrum is a three-piece jam trio, blending eveything from jazz to electronic to punk to ambient. The group boasts that it never plays the same song twice, and with good reason; with constantly changing song structures Conundrum constantly finds itself reinventing their music, making each performance a not-to-miss opportunity!

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