Saturday, September 17th, 2016
Foreign Goods w/ Lorde Fredd33
9 pm, 21+

Hear the combined forces of two of Milwaukee's eclectic groups. Foreign Goods have been taking Milwaukee storm with their blend of hip-hop and jazz. Lorde Fredd33 is one of the most energetic acts in Milwaukee. Check out the bios and links below for more info. Check out bios and links below.

Foreign Goods
"What do you get when rap, jazz, hip hop, and funk are meshed with the sounds of Columbian and Ethiopian music? There really is only one answer: if you selected Foreign Goods you’re correct. Foreign Good’s inspiration stems from Marvin Gaye to Kendrick Lamar and from Herbie Hancock to Tame Impala. The nine-piece band has grown over time with the most recent addition being frontman and saxophone player Jay Anderson‘s brother, Michael Anderson, on trumpet. Jay Anderson once described the band’s process this way: 'Sometimes I’ll bring in some Ethiopian-folk-music-psychedelic-trance-North-Indian-Dervish-y stuff, maybe a Willie Bobo cover, or maybe just an idea I was playing with. The other members suggest material and ideas constantly, and we shape them over time.'”
-Dylan Deprey, Urban Milwaukee]

Lorde Fredd33
Audiences throughout the Midwest have known about Lorde Fredd33's chaotic live shows for years. After 2015's critically acclaimed EP, "33: The Education," Lorde Fredd33 finally drops his first full length record, "Dead Man's View," on Gloss.

Produced by fellow New Age Narcissism member Q the Sun, "Dead Man's View" is his heaviest and most experimental recording to date. His signature voice, coupled with Q the Sun's hypnotic instrumentals, will leave listeners album that will indelibly creep and lurk inside long after repeated listens.


Foreign Goods
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