Midnight Reruns' 'Spectator Sports'

Midnight Reruns' 'Spectator Sports'

Saturday, April 29th, 2017
Arte Para Todos 2017
Midnight Reruns 'Spectator Sports' Record Release!

with Dirty Few (Denver), Whips, Teenage Woman, & DJing by Wax Addicts
9 pm, 21+
$8 for single-show, $13 for APT night pass, $20 for APT weekend pass.

Arte Para Todos (art for everyone) was conceived as an answer to the defunding of art and music programming in schools, but it also serves as a replicable model of sustainable service to the community. We will always have the city we ask for, either explicitly or through apathy and inaction. Arte Para Todos is based on the idea that culture is an act of will, and that if we want a healthy, vibrant city where the arts can flourish then we have to act on that desire.

In its first two years, the annual arts fundraiser Arte Para Todos has raised almost $40,000 with 100% of proceeds going to support art programs in Milwaukee schools! APT has brought together over 200 different artists and musical acts in over 40 venues in various Milwaukee neighborhoods, providing an incredibly rich cultural experience to the city while investing in our creative future.

Mad Planet is lucky enough to host hometown rock heroes Midnight Reruns' release celebration for their third album 'Spectator Sports,' as it's out on vinyl Friday, April 28th on Forged Artifacts. They kick out the jams with Denver's Dirty Few, our Milwaukee's own beloved acts Whips (fresh off their own record release) and Teenage Woman.

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