Saturday, July 25th, 2015
D'Amato 'Counterfeit Paradise' Album Release

-Rio Turbo
-An MC Superset featuring WebsterX, Airo Kwil, Lorde Fredd33, Dee Phr3sh, Queen Tut, & Opis
-DJing by Moses
-Dancing by Christopher Gilbert and Molly Mingey

9 pm, 21+
$5 without album
$10 with album
Half-price with proof of participation in Riverwest24

Over the past handful of years, Renaissance man D'Amato has built a huge following in Milwaukee with his showmanship. You know that guy who is pretty much good at anything he tries? D'Amato is that guy. He has a silky smooth, versatile voice that he can either use to croon to make you swoon, or spit rhymes that will throw you against the wall. He can shred the guitar like his hero Prince. He can mesmerize you with his energy and movement. There's nothing missing in a D'Amato performance.

However, there has been something missing in regards to D'Amato, leaving his fans with a void they were eager to fill -- an album. Well, friends, the day has come where your heart can be whole. D'Amato's debut, 'Counterfeit Paradise,' will be released on cassette via Gloss Records and self-released CD at Mad Planet on July 25th. We couldn't be more excited about this, especially when we heard the amazing bill the man himself had assembled to celebrate its release into the world.

We start with Rio Turbo, who will complement D'Amato's energy, sex appeal, and showmanship well. Then there's the MC Superset, where six of Milwaukee's best and favorite rappers will alternate and collaborate to deliver lyrical excellence. Between it all, Mikal will deliver the beats that keep your feet moving all night.

It all kicks off at 9 pm, and there are various developments making this night as pleasing to your pocketbook as it is to your ears -- if you want the album (either CD or casette, plus download code) and admission, both can be yours for only $10. If you want to see the show before you decide to purchase D'Amato's masterpiece (we're pretty sure you'll want to, though), you can purchase just admission for $5. AND, for those of you who brave the beloved 24-hour bike marathon known as Riverwest24 and think you have enough in you to keep the party going, these options will have their prices cut in half if you present proof of participation!

This one will absolutely be worth staying up for, so make sure you come out! Check out the links below for more info.

D'Amato Links
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Rio Turbo Links
D'Amato's superlative: "Like a turducken... but with sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll"
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MC superset Links:

Airo Kwil
D'Amato's superlative: "Oscar winning writer and director of Dark Cinema."

Dee Phr3sh
D'Amato's superlative: "He's hungry. And he will eat You."

Lorde Fredd33
D'Amato's superlative: "Heaven, Hell, Hostile Godspel."

D'Amato's superlative: "More bars than Milwaukee County H.O.C."

Queen Tut 
D'Amato's superlative: "The freshest Pharaoh you'll find."
Shepherd Express Article

D'Amato's superlative: "He speaks in sign language; throw your hands up... And they stay there."
"Doomsday" Video

Moses DJing
D'Amato's superlative: "Parting the sea all nite."